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Lower Extremity Braces

Pelvis and Hip

Neoprene Sleeve

Purpose: To provide extra support and help ease pain. They're great for healing from hamstring injuries or protecting your muscles during activities.

Use: Hamstring strain 

Example: Thigh Brace

Hip Brace

Purpose: To provide support, stability, and compression to the hip joint.

Use: hip arthritis, hip dislocation, hip labral tear, hip bursitis, or hip tendonitis

Example: Hip Brace

Four Legged Cane

Purpose: To provide support and stability when walking when there is a hip injury.

Use: hip arthritis, hip dislocation, hip labral tear, hip bursitis, or hip tendonitis

Example: Four Legged Cane,  Four Legged Cane Tip

SI Joint Belt

Purpose: To provide stabilization and support to the sacroiliac joint, reducing pain and discomfort associated with SI joint dysfunction.

Use: SI joint dysfunction, pelvic instability.

Example: Serola Sacroiliac Belt

Hip Flexor Brace

Purpose: To provide support and stability to the hip flexor muscles, reducing strain and discomfort.

Use: Hip flexor strain, hip flexor tendonitis.

Example: Mueller Hip Flexor Brace

Thigh and Knee

Knee Hinge Brace

Purpose: To provide support, stability, and protection to the knee joint, particularly after injury or surgery

Use: Patellofemoral Syndrome, Arthritis, ALC injuries, MCL injuries, LCL injuries

Example: Sparthos Knee Hinge Brace,  Body Prox Knee Hinge Brace

Knee Immobilizer

Purpose: To restrict movement of the knee joint entirely or to a limited range to provide stability. 

Use: Patellar Dislocations, Meniscus Tears

Example: Knee Immobilizer

Knee T-Scope Brace

Purpose: To provide postoperative support, stability, and controlled range of motion following knee surgery, particularly procedures involving ligament reconstruction or repair

Use: Post-Operative Knee Surgery

Example: Breg T-Scope Knee Brace


Purpose: To provide support and stability to the knee joint

Use: Patellofemoral Syndrome

 Example: BraceAbility J-Brace

Patella Strap

Purpose: To alleviate pain and discomfort associated with patellar tendonitis or runner's knee by providing targeted compression to the patellar tendon.

Use: Patellar tendonitis, runner's knee.

Example: Cho-Pat Dual Action Patella Strap

Knee Compression Sleeve

Purpose: To support, stabilize, and provide pain relief for the knee joint

Use: Arthritis, Iliotibial Band Syndrome, Patellar Tendonitis

Example: Copper Knee Compression Sleeve

IT Band Strap

Purpose: To alleviate pain and friction along the iliotibial (IT) band, reducing symptoms of IT band syndrome.

Use: IT band syndrome, runner's knee.

Example: Mueller IT Band Strap

Patellar Stabilizer Brace

Purpose: To provide additional support and stability to the patella (kneecap), reducing patellar instability and improving knee function.

Use: Patellar instability, chondromalacia patellae.

Example: DonJoy Tru-Pull Lite Patella Stabilizing Knee Brace

Leg and Ankle

Short Cam Boot

Purpose: To provide support and immobilization for foot and ankle injuries

Use: Foot sprains, Ankle sprains, Foot fractures

Example: United Short Cam Boot

Tall Cam Boot

Purpose: To offer support, stability, and immobilization for more severe foot and ankle injuries, typically extending higher up the leg

Use: Ankle fracture, tibia fracture, post-op recovery

Example: United Tall Cam Boot

Ankle Lace Up

Purpose: to provide support, stability, and compression to the ankle joint, helping to prevent or alleviate injuries such as sprains, strains, and instability

Use: Ankle sprains, ankle instability

Example: Sparthos Ankle Lace Up

Fracture Boot Sock 

Purpose: To provide comfort, padding, and moisture-wicking properties while wearing a fracture boot

Use: with short cam boot, tall cam boot, or ankle lace up

Example: BraceAbility Cam Boot Sock

Ankle Stirrup Brace

Purpose: To provide rigid support and protection to the ankle joint, preventing excessive inversion or eversion movements.

Use: Ankle sprains, ankle instability.

Example: Aircast A60 Ankle Brace

Ankle Support Socks

Purpose: To provide compression and support to the ankle joint while also offering the benefits of a sock for comfort and moisture-wicking.

Use: Ankle stability, prevention of ankle injuries.

Example: McDavid Ankle Support Compression Socks

Achilles Tendon Brace

Purpose: To provide support and compression to the Achilles tendon, aiding in the treatment and prevention of Achilles tendonitis or Achilles tendon strains.

Use: Achilles tendonitis, Achilles tendon strains.

Example: Achilles Tendon Brace

Foot and Toes

Plantar Fasciitis Brace

Purpose: reducing tension on the plantar fascia, the brace can alleviate pain, inflammation, and discomfort associated with plantar fasciitis

Use: Plantar fascia

Example: Plantar Fascitiis Brace

Toe Gel Caps

Purpose: to provide cushioning, protection, and support for toes

Use: Corns, calluses, blisters, or ingrown toenails

Example: Zentoes Toe Gel Cap

Post-Op Shoe

Purpose: Help to minimize movement of the foot or toes. Provides a cushioned and stable platform to reduce pressure on the affected area

Use: post-operative surgery, foot fractures, soft tissue injuries

Example: BraceAbility Post-Op Shoe

Metatarsal Pads

Purpose: To alleviate pressure and discomfort on the metatarsal heads, reducing pain associated with conditions such as metatarsalgia or Morton's neuroma.

Use: Metatarsalgia, Morton's neuroma.

Example: Dr. Frederick's Original Metatarsal Pads

Bunion Splint

Purpose: To alleviate pain and discomfort associated with bunions by gently realigning the big toe and reducing pressure on the affected area.

Use: Bunion pain, bunion correction.

Example: Bunion Corrector and Toe Straightener

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