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Upper Extremities Braces


Shoulder Compression Sleeves

  • Purpose: Provide mild support and compression to reduce swelling and improve blood flow.

  • Uses: Minor shoulder injuries, mild arthritis, and general shoulder discomfort.

  • Examples: Compression Sleeve

Shoulder Immobilizers

  • Purpose: Immobilize the shoulder to prevent movement and allow for healing.

  • Uses: Post-surgery recovery, severe shoulder injuries, dislocations, and fractures.

  • Examples: Sling

Shoulder Stabilizing Braces

  • Purpose: Provide moderate to high levels of support to stabilize the shoulder joint.

  • Uses: Shoulder instability, rotator cuff injuries, labral tears, and shoulder subluxations.

  • Examples: Stabilizer Brace

Posture Correctors

  • Purpose: Improve posture by pulling the shoulders back and aligning the spine.

  • Uses: Poor posture, shoulder and upper back pain related to posture issues.

  • Example: Posture Correctors

Rotator Cuff Braces

  • Purpose: Support the rotator cuff muscles and tendons, often with adjustable compression.

  • Uses: Rotator cuff injuries, tendinitis, and post-surgery recovery.

  • Example: Rotator Cuff Brace

Shoulder Slings

  • Purpose: Support the arm and limit shoulder movement.

  • Uses: Post-surgery recovery, fractures, dislocations, and severe sprains.

  • Examples: Sling

Shoulder Abduction Braces

  • Purpose: Hold the shoulder in an abducted (away from the body) position to relieve pressure on the rotator cuff or shoulder joint.

  • Uses: Rotator cuff repairs, shoulder arthroscopy, and certain types of fractures.

  • Examples: Shoulder Brace

Humerus (Upper Arm) and Elbow

Humeral Fracture Brace

  • Purpose: Stabilizes and supports fractures of the humerus.

  • Features: Adjustable straps, padded interior, and lightweight material.

  • Examples: Sarmiento Humeral Fracture Brace

Elbow Compression Sleeve

  • Purpose: Provides mild compression and support.

  • Uses: Minor sprains, strains, and tendonitis.

  • Examples: Elbow Sleeve

Elbow Immobilizer

Tennis Elbow Brace

  • Purpose: Provides targeted compression to the forearm muscles.

  • Uses: Lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow), medial epicondylitis (golfer's elbow).

  • Examples: Tennis Elbow Brace, Tennis Elbow Support.

Forearm and Wrist

  • Purpose: Provides support and reduces strain on forearm muscles and tendons.

  • Uses: Forearm strain, tendinitis, and overuse injuries.

  • Examples: Carpal Tunnel Brace

Wrist Compression Sleeve

Wrist Splint

  • Purpose: Stabilizes the wrist and limits movement.

  • Uses: Carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist sprains, and post-surgery recovery.

  • Examples: Wrist Brace.

Hand and Fingers 

Comfort Cool

  • Purpose: Immobilizes the thumb to reduce pain 

  • Uses: Thumb sprain, Arthritis

  • Examples: Comfort Cool

TKO/ Metacarpal Brace

Hand Compression Glove

  • Purpose: Provides mild compression to reduce swelling and pain.

  • Uses: Arthritis, mild sprains, and general hand discomfort.

  • Examples: Arthritis Gloves.

Hand Splint

  • Purpose: Immobilizes the hand to allow healing.

  • Uses: Severe sprains, fractures, and post-surgery recovery.

  • Examples: Hand & Wrist Splint.

Finger Splint

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