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Man turning knob to changing project management methodology from traditional to agile PM.

Advances in technology has allowed for medicine to focus on addressing the needs of the whole individual and not just the injury. At Next Journey Orthopedics we try to focus on development of the experience as well as the outcome. To provide greater value to your care, we try to give you a great voice in the determination of how the treatment of that care is directed. We will strive to pursue technologic innovations and pathways that seek your feedback into developing the best experience that we can provide. In computer programming, there is a mindset called agile methodology. This methodology focuses on collaboration, inclusion, the ability to evolve, and the desire to seek feedback of individuals that use a system to help develop the system to produce better results. Next Journey Orthopaedics takes the same mindset to create increased accessibility, seamlessness, personable value-based care that relies on collaboration between patient and physician to direct health care treatment plans. Inclusion of your voice is a key component in our approach to deliver a patient experience centric healthcare.

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