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Conditions and Injuries

Common Orthopaedic Terms


Definition: Arthritis is when your joints get swollen and hurt, making it hard to move around. It can happen to anyone, not just older people. Prevalence: Around 1 in 4 adults in the U.S. have arthritis, which is about 58 million people. Incidence: About 24% of adults in the U.S. are diagnosed with arthritis.


Definition: Bursitis is when the little cushions between your bones and muscles get inflamed, causing pain when you move. Prevalence: Bursitis is fairly common, especially in adults over 40. Incidence: Bursitis affects approximately 10 people per 100,000 annually.


Definition: Fasciitis is when the thick tissue on the bottom of your foot gets swollen, making your heel hurt a lot, especially in the morning. Prevalence: Plantar fasciitis affects about 1 in 10 people at some point in their lives. Incidence: About 2 million people are treated for plantar fasciitis annually in the U.S.


Definition: A fracture is a fancy word for a broken bone. It can happen if you fall or get hit really hard. Prevalence: Around 6.3 million fractures occur annually in the U.S. Incidence: About 2 million fractures due to osteoporosis occur annually in the U.S.


Definition: Inflammation is when a part of your body gets red, hot, and swollen because it's trying to heal from an injury or fight off germs. Prevalence: Inflammation is a common response in various conditions, affecting millions worldwide. Incidence: Millions of new cases of inflammation-related conditions are reported annually.


Definition: A sprain happens when the stretchy bands that hold your bones together get stretched or torn. This can make your ankle, wrist, or knee hurt and swell up. Prevalence: Ankle sprains are very common, especially among athletes. Incidence: Ankle sprains alone affect about 2 million people annually in the U.S.


Definition: A strain is when your muscles or tendons get stretched too much or torn. It often happens from lifting something heavy or playing sports. Prevalence: Muscle strains are common, particularly among those who are physically active. Incidence: Millions of muscle strains are reported annually, especially among athletes and active individuals.


Definition: Tendonitis is when the thick cords that connect your muscles to your bones get irritated and sore from being used too much. Prevalence: Tendonitis affects about 5% of adults at some point in their lives. Incidence: Tendonitis is particularly common in people who perform repetitive activities, with millions of cases diagnosed annually.

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