Fracture Care Splinting

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What is a splint?

Splints are devices used to immobilize a fracture or injured area of the body in order to help it heal. They are used when an injury is very new. Splints provide an effective and convenient way to immobilize a fractured area while also allowing some movement of the adjacent bones and joints. They are often made from either metal or plastic material, and can be applied to the injured limb in a matter of minutes.

Why splint an injury instead of casting?

Splinting is often used as an alternative to casting for the treatment of fractures. Splinting allows for swelling. When injuries are new, swelling can get worse over the next 3-5 days after an injury before it starts to get better. Splinting with fiberglass can allow for swelling.


Upper Extremity Splints

Lower Extremity Splints

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