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Step 1

Is your work related injury a worker compensation injury?

- Report the injury to your employer immediately or as soon as possible, providing details of how and when the injury occurred. 

Your employer should file a report with the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission within 10 days. 

-You should also file this Claim for Benefits Form directly with the commission to let them know about your accident.

-The insurance company will investigate your claim, including reviewing your medical records and confirming the injury with your employer. Once you file your claim you will receive a JCN and PIN number for online access to your WebFile Account.

Step 2

What you need to schedule your appointment

1. Name of the insurance that is managing the workers compensation case

2. Letter authorizing medical treatment from assigned adjuster specifically for Dr. Scott or Next Journey Orthopaedics

            a. Claim Number

            b. Payer specific address (including P.O. box)

            c. Employer name
            d. Address of the employer
            e. State of injury
            f. Date of injury
            g. Adjustors first and last name
            h. Email and phone number
            i. Injury location on the body

3. Photo ID

4. Any documents that may be helpful to the provider

Step 3

Worker's Compensation Resources

Claim Form

Injured Guide

Virginia Worker's Compensation Glossary

Injured Worker FAQ 

Virginia Worker's Compensation Contact Information

Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission 
333 East Franklin Street 
Richmond, VA 23219 

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