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Schedule an appointment

Privia Patients Book On-Line
During office hours call 571-416-8244
After office hours call or text 571-425-5393

Fill out a website contact us form

Please leave us your best contact number when registering. You may get a call before your appointment to pre-register/confirm information.


Before your appointment

Check your status on Privia Patient Portal

Read Credit Card policy

Update preferred pharmacy

Update medications on your patient portal


What to have for your appointment

Photo Id​

Insurance Card

Credit Card to be kept on file

List of medications
Disc of studies (MRI, CAT Scan, X-Rays) related to issue


How to get to your appointment

- 8255 Greensboro Drive, STE 150, McLean, VA 22102. Click here for directions.

- Parking

- Office Entrance

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