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"The experience of your journey matters."

Next Journey Orthopaedics provides superior patient experience with value based care. The focus is on the whole person not just their musculoskeletal condition. We want to empower patients to take control of their own health and giving them the tools they need to stay healthy.

Dr. Frederick D. Scott, Jr.

"I'm beyond impressed with the advice and clear direction given by the doctor and team. They necessary time and action I was not expecting at the time on the first visit. For sure will be going back and send friends and family."


"The appointment was last minute, but the staff and doctor were communicative and effective. I would recommend this location to anyone with orthopedic issues"
" Excellent doctor, listened and explained everything in a way that was understandable. Clear and simple"

자세히 알아볼 준비가 되셨나요?

Next Journey Orthopaedics의 직원은 귀하의 질문에 답변하고 정형 외과 요구 사항을 용이하게 할 준비가 되어 있습니다. 저희 사무실은 버지니아 북부에서 가장 접근이 용이한 Tyson's Corner의 중앙에 위치하고 있습니다. Next Journey Orthopaedics에서 우리의 모든 것을 확인하십시오.

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