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Next Journey Orthopaedic Logo

Let's make it better, together. Next Journey Orthopaedics treats acute injuries and chronic conditions for bone, tendons, ligament, muscles, joints and nerves. We focus on improving the ability for patients to connect with their physicians. We also search to constantly improve ways to provide patients with the key information about their injuries and conditions. This leads to a shared decision making experience that allows a greater ability to meet the expectations that are set. We actively aim to ease the navigation through our services as well as outside services.


The orthopaedic consultants at Next Journey Orthopaedics are dedicated to providing orthopaedic services in a patient-friendly environment. We make an effort to provide each patient with the utmost access and communication towards their orthopaedic condition. Our physicians communicate with our patients through education, support, and empathy. As orthopaedic specialists our primary focus is to help patients with their orthopaedic concerns.


We strive to innovate orthopaedic services by trying to provide accessibility and seamlessness of care. We are striving for this through our active use of technology, providing informational resources and establishing communication lines to remove as much of the anxiety of the treatment and recovery experience.


 We provide a superior experience in your steps to recovery by being responsive to your concerns, decreasing the efforts to have those concerns addressed and constantly striving to improve this process. We seek to make your healthcare journey, an informative and efficient process by providing a pathway that directs you to the most definitive care as early as possible. We will empower you with the ability to determine the best course specifically for you.


We affirm your right to make informed decisions and value a patient-centered care approach. Our orthopaedic physicians are focused on helping patients return to their lives as close as possible to the same way they lived them before orthopaedic conditions began, whether that is working or competing in sports or enjoying life with family.

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