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                Next Journey Orthopaedics is an orthopaedic practice that actively seeks ways to integrate new technology and innovations into helping improve the health care system. We focus on those projects that support a quadruple aim mindset. We define the quadruple aim mindset as those projects that will improve patient experience, improve patient outcomes, decrease costs to patients, and improve workplace user experience. We currently have needs in delivering patient care, administration, data analytics, data visualization, 3D graphics/printing, social media marketing and project development.

                We are looking for individuals who like to grow their experience with regards to integrating healthcare with current technology and innovations. Please contact us at At Next Journey Orthopedics, we believe in "human time" for our employees and offer several spaces for your break times. This includes a workout room in the basement, rooftop break area, local basketball courts and a building lounge. We are also located within walking distance of the sports health complex as well as the Boro located in Tysons, Virginia. The Boro consists of restaurants (Tasty Kabob, Fish Taco, Flower Child, etc.) as well as Whole Foods (contains an Amazon hub). We are also located within walking distance of Tysons Galleria.

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