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We provide a superior experience in your steps to recovery by being responsive to your concerns, decreasing the barriers to have those concerns addressed and constantly striving to improve this process. We seek to make your healthcare journey, an informative and efficient process by providing a pathway that directs you to the most definitive care as early as possible. We will empower you with the ability to determine the best course specifically for you.

We affirm your right to make informed decisions and value a patient-centered care approach. Our orthopaedic physicians are focused on helping patients return to their lives as soon as possible and closely resembling the way they lived them before orthopaedic conditions began. Whether that is working or competing in sports or enjoying life with family, our mission is to assist you in the steps of the journey to your recovery.

About us


Next Journey Orthopaedics values the experience as well as the result. At the time of injury, there can be a lot of questions about what are the best options for you. We really focus on giving accessible, personalized, and affordable care.

"The experience of your journey matters."

Next Journey Orthopaedics provides superior patient experience with value based care. The focus is on the whole person not just their musculoskeletal condition. We want to empower patients to take control of their own health and giving them the tools they need to stay healthy.

Frederick D. Scott, Jr., MD

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